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To all our customers and their friends who can also benefit from this information!

This is my first “blog” ever so I really appreciate your patience with me. Many of you have called or emailed me with additional questions and the majority of these questions pertained to a cancer diagnosis and whether they should take Essiac Tea while undergoing chemotherapy. So naturally, I would like to focus specifically on the History of Essiac Tea as well as my response to some of our customers’ questions.

While I attempted to summarize much of the history of Essiac Tea in this article –

there is a lot of other information available in books such as The Complete Essiac Essentials by Sheila Snow and Mali Klein and online at

On this page, you will learn why sheep sorrel roots are an essential part of the Essiac formula and why Rene Caisse was so guarded with her formula for Essiac Tea.

So once you read the above information, you should be clear that Rene Caisse developed her formula to deal with patients who the doctors had given up on AFTER being treated with chemotherapy and/or radiation. While we have known some people who opt to drink Essiac Tea while undergoing radiation and/or chemotherapy, all this does is minimize the more toxic effects of the radiation and chemotherapy. Here is how Sheila Snow and Mali Klein address this issue:

Q: Can I take Essiac while I am on chemotherapy?

A: It should be discussed with your doctor first. In our experience, the doctors who know about Essiac are happy to let you carry on taking the decoctions to help minimize the less tolerable side effects of the treatment.   page 122


We know that chemotherapy and radiotherapy kill both normal and carcinogenic cells by generating the formation of massive quantities of highly destructive molecules called free radicals which may be routinely produced in small amounts by the normal processes occurring within the life cycle of healthy cells.

In excessive amounts free radicals may be associated with many damaging conditions including cancer, radiation sickness, and rheumatoid arthritis. They are opposed by antioxidants + the minerals copper, manganese, selenium and zinc. Whole sheep sorrel herb plus the five…important anthraquinones as chrysophanol, emodin, physcion, aloe-emodin and rhein. Burdock root and Slippery Elm contain antioxidants including tannins + all four minerals.   Page 37

The above information is taken verbatim from the book, The Complete Essiac Essentials.

There is a lot of herbal wisdom in this one book but we did a fairly good job summarizing most of the important information at

One lady emailed me about a specific chemotherapy drug and whether her mother should take it along with radiation AND Essiac Tea since the specific chemotherapy drug, Affinitor, and radiation was what her doctor recommended. I immediately went to to look up this specific chemo drug. When I read about the numerous contraindications and adverse side effects, I thought, how can this poison be legal? You can read about it yourself at this link

Another man I sent the following information to since he was also under the care of an oncologist who recommended chemotherapy. Just so you know, oncologists receive additional kickbacks from the drug’s manufacturers for prescribing their brand of chemotherapy.

Here is some good education from Chris Wark of

3 Reasons Why I Refused Chemo for Cancer (6 min.)

Chemotherapy is a waste of money – Dr. Peter Glidden interviewed  (5 min.)

10 Questions to Ask BEFORE starting cancer treatments – Dr. Peter Glidden interviewed   (8 min.)

Finally – Do Not Start Cancer Treatment Without Watching This!!! – interview of Bob Wright, founder of the American Anti-Cancer Institute   (3 min.)

I picked out the shortest YouTubes to save you time and energy and get you thinking for yourself instead of listening to your lab-coated drug pusher.

BTW, Chris Wark used our brand of Essiac Tea for his cancer and has great suggestions for overcoming a stage 4 diagnosis without pharma drugs.

Also, make sure you go to to minimize your body’s exposure while you are healing.


Not sure many people pay attention to their shipment confirmation email but I include a very revealing link   Please note that the number ONE pharma drug killer is CHEMOTHERAPY.

So what are some other tips for healing from cancer naturally?

Hydration with quality water is a must. In general, bottled water should be avoided.

Please see

All cities and many towns have grocery stores that have a reverse osmosis machine for their customers to fill up water containers for 25 cents or more a gallon. If you do not own a decent water purifier, we recommend filling up water containers at a local grocery store.

Having helped many people recover their health for over 30 years, I have found that the single most frequent cause of ill health is chronic dehydration. Please spend some time at the following website to see if you could benefit from the Water Cure’s protocol.

Exercise is also essential no matter how old you are. Our bodies are not designed to sit in a car or sit in front of a computer for long hours. Without movement, oxygen intake is minimized, our muscles atrophy and serious health problems crop up from our body’s inability to move waste efficiently out of the body. Since most of us live busy lives, and adding one more thing to our routine may seem overwhelming, I became a distributor for Al Carter’s ReboundAIR, the most efficient form of exercise ever invented and the ReboundAIR comes with a one month guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

Please read this article by Greg Martin here

Quality Food needs to be a priority when recovering from any illness, especially cancer. Purchasing a quality vegetable juice extractor, if you don’t have one, would be my number one recommendation. We all need raw food with live enzymes to help our body heal itself, and the most efficient way to get quantities of raw food into our body is with a vegetable juice extractor.

Avoid eating processed foods of any kind. And since cancer feeds on sugar, avoid all sweeteners except stevia in small amounts and the naturally occurring sugars in fruits and vegetables. Try to get your produce from a local farmer. Go to and follow the instructions to find a local farmer who uses organic farming methods.

The Liver – All illness, and especially cancer, can be exacerbated by a congested liver. To make it easy for you to cleanse your liver, I have posted an article on the importance of keeping your liver in good shape AND a detailed protocol for flushing your liver of built up stones and congealed bile.

The Liver

Classic Liver Flush

Colon Cleansing – Also very important. You should have a bowel movement for every meal you eat. If you are not having a bowel movement two to three times a day, and your stools are well formed, you are constipated. Having a diet that is 80% raw fruits and vegetables, exercise, and drinking plenty of water and Essiac Tea will change your bowel movements, allowing more toxins to be released by your body.

Body pH – All cancer thrives in a body pH that is 5.5 or lower. The above tips will raise your body’s pH to 7.0 or higher. If you cannot find pH testing strips at your local health food store or drug store, go to the following link and get them online

If you are doing everything ‘right’ and your body pH is still not at 7.0 or higher, you need to check your exposure to EMFs. All wireless devices, DECT phones, celltowers, and smart meters can all have serious adverse effects on your body’s ability to heal itself. See

Sorting Yourself Out Emotionally

Many people die of the fear of being sick as much as the reality of the dis-ease itself. Fear sits you shaking in the corner, going along with whatever is suggested without asking why and giving no time to think. Fear fills your body up with pain, stops you eating, stops you eliminating and finally crashes your immune system to an all-time low which will eave cancer, in particular, with no alternative but to keep on growing.

Take action: Have a long crying spell, releasing the emotion associated with hearing the diagnosis for the first time. Then dry your tears and smile. You are what you WEAR on your face. All your emotions show on your face and your facial expressions actually change your feelings. Smiling increases the flow of blood to your brain, increasing the level of oxygen and stimulating your neurotransmitters into positive action. Laughing takes it one step further. If you can laugh at the edge of disaster, you don’t internalize trauma and you don’t wear it on your face.

Sorting Yourself Out Spiritually

Never underestimate the power of positive affirmations, meditation and prayer in healing. Every one of us benefits from any form of heartfelt prayer, whether it is you praying for yourself or as a gift from others. We have found that many people who are taking Essiac Tea are also receiving prayers from loved ones and are prayerfully guided to follow a protocol that works well for them.

Sorting Yourself Out Mentally

The Power of thought is greater than the spoken word and a negative “why me?” attitude to being sick will not get you well.

“A tough prognosis is a useful goal to excellence when you set about proving it to be truly wrong.”

Think Positive. Remember that all prognoses are essentially meaningless as they are based on other people’s experience and perspective; not yours. By choosing to do Essiac Tea, you have already started promoting a healthy and inquiring mental outlook into your situation. Stay interested and open to new ideas and therapies. Take steps to surround yourself with others who think positively and have a healthy outlook on life. Avoid people who are victims and complain about their situation. Take time to nurture yourself. Watch a movie every week that makes you laugh or inspires you such as “It’s A Wonderful Life”.

In closing, all ailments are nothing more than a journey in discovering how miraculously our bodies are made. Have faith in your body’s ability to heal itself. My herbal teacher, Dr. John R. Christopher used to say: “There are no incurable diseases; only incurable people.”

Feel free to call or email me directly should you have any questions regarding your program of choice.

Have a blessed New Year of miracles and new discoveries!


In the Spirit of Health,

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Vaccination Liberation
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“Free Your Mind….
From the Vaccine Paradigm”

“When we give government the power
to make medical decisions for us, we, in
essence, accept that the state owns our bodies.”
~former U.S. Representative Ron Paul, MD

To begin your journey on learning about vaccines, the biomedical paradigm and why the only truly informed choice regarding vaccines is complete avoidance and refusal, we offer you the following weblink to well-footnoted articles and resources.


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