Why our brand of pure Sulfur Crystals is superior

Response from John Hammell, my sulfur supplier:

Opti brand MSM is contaminated with silicon dioxide, an anti-caking and flow ingredient used to flow powdered supplement products into capsules so the filling machines won’t jam.

Bergstrom Nutrition, manufacturers of Opti brand MSM also manufacture some encapsulated products.

Silicon dioxide is ground up quartz so it’s not toxic. That’s not the issue. The issue is that sulfur contains 16 unpaired electrons in its outer shell so it forms a chemical compound with almost anything it comes into contact with. This is what makes it a great chelator, but when it combines with silicon dioxide it ruins it!

When it combines with silicon dioxide you can’t grow good well formed crystals with the sulfur. It’s the crystals that apply the surface tension to the cell walls that enable a maximum amount of sulfur to flood the cell, pushing toxins out and binding with and pulling out toxic heavy metals.

Opti brand MSM is almost biologically INERT due to this. I have treated cancer patients in a hospital in Mexico with bio-oxidative treatments and would never give Opti brand MSM to anyone with cancer or any other autoimmune disease because it only works 40% as well as mine.

Endurance athletes who have tried Opti prefer mine because it keeps them out of oxygen debt by neutralizing lactic acid but with Opti brand, marathoners often “hit the wall” due to oxygen debt and often have to drop out of a race very near the finish.

I first learned about pure MSM from Patrick McGean who saved his son’s life when his testicles were swollen like a Florida grapefruit from testicular cancer.

Radiation and chemo almost killed him, but Patrick saved his son’s life using the same sulfur that I sell.

Bergstrom has some of the slickest PR bullshit in cyberspace when it comes to their advertising about sulfur, but the proof is in the pudding.

I get reorders all the time from endurance athletes who have tried both since they learned what works the best to keep them out of oxygen debt.

Anyone can do a crystal test as follows:

Take a teaspoon of my sulfur and a teaspoon of Opti and put each in a separate glass. Make sure you label them to tell them apart. Mix each with warm filtered water to get the sulfur to dissolve.

Pour off most of the water leaving only a thin film of a sixteenth of an inch in the bottom of each glass and put them in the sun so the water will evaporate leaving behind crystals.

When you do this the crystals formed by my sulfur are well formed and uniform while Opti crystals are blobs that just don’t do nearly as good a job of opening up the cell membrane, so not nearly as much oxygen enters the cells.

I use all the supplements I sell, and am very careful about anything I ingest. My life was saved more than 40 years ago via Orthomolecular medicine, a suppressed nutritional treatment approach that saved me after mainstream psychiatry almost killed me.

To help suffering people and families have the same chance to heal that I had years ago I put my story in cyberspace to guide people to help . It can be found at

I’ve had several attempts on my life for fighting the FDA professionally since the 1980s and run from my home where I also run International Advocates for Health Freedom, my consulting and lobbying firm that defends consumer access to everything sold in health food stores and by the natural products industry on the web.

I stand behind all the products I sell 110%.
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I have Naturopaths as wholesalers who swear by my product because their patients get great results. I also have Biological Dentists as wholesalers because they’ve seen my sulfur do a great job of chelating mercury, and they’ve also noticed the great job sulfur does in preventing periodontal disease when you brush your teeth, tongue and gums with it!

For Optimal Health and Healing and for Health Freedom,

John Christopher Hammell