Welcome to Humbleweed, the place to find many tools to improve and/or restore your health. The name Humbleweed was the name of my first herbal business 25+ years ago and I have decided to revive it after many years of being a full time activist. My passion has always been to help people discover that healthy living doesn’t have to be expensive since the ‘weeds’ used for both healing and food grow all around us. However, sharing with people this truth doesn’t change the fact that our lives are busier than ever, and most people revert to their former lifestyles for comfort from the stress they are feeling.

My life has been devoted to teaching people how to live in harmony with nature and natural law.   I have devoted my life ever since to exposing the dangers of toxic allopathic treatment methods and their over-prescribed drugs – especially their mandated liability-free drugs and their unforeseen consequences. Thankfully, nature has provided many remedies to help alleviate people’s suffering from these toxic ‘cures’. But first people need to understand how wonderfully their bodies are made, the purpose of each organ system in the body, what to do when symptoms suggest that a thorough ‘house cleaning’ is in order, and even what a healing crisis is and what to do if you experience one.