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Magnascent Iodine is formed by processing tincture of iodine with an electromagnetic field, achieving the most basic form of iodine that can be readily utilized by the human body.

Iodine is absolutely essential for life and optimum functioning of the body. Not only does iodine effectively balance the cellular hormone levels, nourish the thyroid in its production of T3 and T4, but it also supports detoxification of the body, regulates metabolism, supplies physical energy, improves immunity, and fights infections.

Due to toxic chemicals, lack of nutrition in our food, and poor food choices, many of us are iodine deficient, which causes hormonal dysfunction in almost every cell of the body. Fluorides, chlorides and bromides mimic iodine and competitively inhibit iodine absorption. More recently, because of the impact of increased exposure to heavy metal contamination, herbicides, pesticides, and radioactive pollution, as well as low levels of selenium in the soil where crops are grown, the need for iodine in the daily diet has become more crucial than ever.

Magnascent Iodine is formed by processing tincture of iodine with an electromagnetic field, achieving the formation of “nascent iodine”, the most basic form of iodine, and a form that can be readily  utilized by the body. Nascent iodine is a scientific term for iodine in which the iodine molecule has the diatomic bond broken and has a high amount of electromagnetic energy associated with it.

Benefits of Supplementation with Iodine:

Thyroid Health   The relationship of iodine to thyroid function has been well established. Without adequate iodine, the thyroid gland cannot produce sufficient thyroid hormones. Magnascent Iodine can be quickly and effectively utilized by the thyroid, resulting in immediate manufacture of T3 and T4.  Other iodine products must allow the body to convert iodine into nascent iodine before the manufacture of T3 and T4 can be accomplished.

Reproductive Health  Iodine also concentrates in the breast tissue of women, and a lack can lead to a condition called fibrocystic breast disease. Many women have fibrocystic breast disease, and there are indications that the longer this disease exists, the higher the potential risk for developing breast cancer.  A 2009 New England Journal of Medicine report states:

“Normal thyroid function in fetuses and breastfed infants, which is dependent on sufficient maternal dietary intake of iodine, is crucial for normal neuro-cognitive development. Iodine deficiency affects more than 2.2 billion people (38% of the world’s population), and is the leading cause of mental retardation worldwide. Even mild iodine deficiency may have adverse effects on the cognitive function of children.”

General Health & Energy  Iodine is used in every cell of the body. It is essential to healthy mitochondria and healthy organs, especially breast, ovaries and prostate tissue. We have frequent customer reports of increased energy, which results from the normalizing of the metabolic processes in the body. Since nascent iodine atoms are capable of holding an electromagnetic charge, there is a significant energy release when these atoms are utilized by the body.

Tropical Diseases  Magnascent Iodine was created and utilized in response to the demand for new options in the treatment of tropical disease. It has been very valuable in countries where missionaries and doctors have few options in their struggle to help people in their struggle with malaria and other diseases. Magnascent Iodine has been used by missionaries for many years now in sub-Saharan Africa and in India to treat malaria and chickungunya fever. In a recent study in India, physicians found that Magnascent Iodine can be used both as a therapeutic and chemoprophylactic agent, and as an alternative to current anti-malarial drugs. The study showed that after using Magnascent Iodine, the body temperature returned to normal within 24-48 hours with no side-effects. An increased sense of well-being was reported in a significantly large percentage of cases. The primary missionary in Africa who uses Magnascent Iodine stated in regard to his patients: “We no longer have deaths due to malaria.”

Suggested usage:  1 – 3 drops in a ½ ounce of water. Put in mouth, swirl around  in mouth before swallowing. Follow by drinking more water. Do this in the morning and prior to your evening meal.

Important:  Use only as directed. Do need exceed recommended dose unless directed by a physician.

In the case of iodine, more is NOT necessarily better.

1 ounce of this patented essential element will supply an individual for 5 months

  • Increase your energy and immunity, while reducing morning sluggishness
  • Help regulate hormone production through better thyroid health
  • Detox substances like bromide and fluoride, protects against future toxins
  • Reduces effects of radiation exposure
  • Roughly half a gram of pure nascent iodine, not a potassium iodide imitation
  • 100% free of glycerine
  • Stable chemical mixture means the product does not expire
  • Dropper included for precise dosage

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