If you have ever watched young children, you will notice that they love moving their bodies – running, jumping, climbing and swimming. I have a ReboundAIR in my living room and when a child comes over who is 8 years old or younger, the first thing they want to do is jump on it. So what happened to us that we are so busy with our lives we have to schedule in exercise which should be as important as brushing our teeth daily and getting a good night’s sleep? Proper exercise is essential for every BODY – our bodies are designed for movement. But in our fast-paced world, wouldn’t you like to get the maximum benefits from an enjoyable form of exercise that takes a fraction of the time to experience the results? Read Greg’s story below and consider investing in the only exercise equipment that truly should be in everyone’s home and used daily. – Greg Martin

After severely injuring my neck and back several years ago in a sledding accident, my chiropractor was able to manipulate my back into alignment, but my muscles were unable to hold the adjustment for more that a few hours. I needed a way to strengthen my muscles without causing any more injury or pain.

A friend of mine suggested that I bounce on a mini-trampoline known as a rebounder. The first mini-trampoline-like product that I purchased was 38 inches in diameter and about 8 inches tall with constant rate steel springs. Though the light bouncing I did gave me some newly developed muscles in my neck and back, I still experienced strain and pain in my feet, ankles, shins, knees, hips and lower back. I knew there was probably a better rebounder out there somewhere. Then I discovered the ReboundAIR “Soft-Bounce” Rebounder by the originator and pioneer of Rebound exercise: Albert Earl Carter.

Once I began bouncing and running daily on the ReboundAIR, starting with several sessions of a few minutes each, my neck and back muscles responded by rapidly getting stronger. I no longer needed to visit my chiropractor three to four times a week. Instead I saw him once a week, and then once every two weeks, until once a month was all I needed.

At age 60, I am in the same physical condition I was when I was in my mid 20s and running three miles, three times a week and working out with weights three times a week. The problem with extensive running is that it eventually causes injury due to wear and tear on the weight bearing joints. Rebounding provides us with a superior form of exercise without the risk of these kinds of injuries.

The concept of rebounding can best be experienced in a similar way when standing up and moving up and down on the balls of your feet. Place your hands on your shoulders next to the base of your neck and feel the muscles expand and contract with your movement. Now just imagine that same sensation while bouncing on a ReboundAIR. Every cell in your body will be exercising at the same time without any pain or injury from the exercise.

Calisthenics, weight lifting and jogging exercise only specific parts of the body at a time by isolating muscle groups and providing an exercise designed for that particular muscle group. But the most amazing aspect of rebounding versus other forms of exercise is that rebounding cleanses and strengthens of the entire lymphatic system. According to Dr. C. Samuel West, “rebounding is the best way to circulate the lymphatics. If the lymphatic system is circulating properly, it is practically impossible to get sick.”

The reason for this is that the condition of both our bloodstream and lymphatic system are the barometer of our health. But while 12 percent of our total bodily fluids is blood, our lymphatic fluid comprises 36 percent of our total body fluids. Is it any wonder then that the lymphatic system has been referred to as our immune system? A veteran naturopathic doctor recently told me that the optimal functioning of the lymphatic system is critical for any healing in the body to take place and that he did not know of any other way of cleansing the lymphatic system better than rebound exercise.

Rebounding is the right exercise for everyone of all ages from 1 to 100 because utilizing what is known as the “Health Bounce,” a light bounce with or without a bar, will stimulate the entire body to strengthen and heal. Consider the case of 83-year-old Eunice who was bedridden. She always felt tired, drained and fairly useless to her family. Her daughter bought a RebounderAIR.

With a little coaxing, Eunice sat down on the rebounder while her 79 yr. old husband, Bud, proceeded to bounce behind her. This took place several times a day. After only four days, Eunice was up and around, puttering in the kitchen. She no longer needed to sit on the rebounder and have someone else do the bouncing. She was now bouncing on her own several times a day. Within only eight days, Eunice was laughing and working around the kitchen, sweeping floors, joking with her husband and enjoying life once again.

My own 86-year-old father purchased a rebounder and began enjoying the benefits of the Health Bounce with a Balancing Bar on the Ultimate Rebounder in September of 2002. Almost immediately he began to experience the strengthening of his neck, back and leg muscles while reducing his waste line by several inches. His bowel transit time also increased from one bowel movement daily to one for each 10 to 15 minute session of rebounding. He now rebounds 5 times a day.

The positive health benefits derived from rebounding are innumerable. Many problems such as balance or vestibular dysfunction due to lack of fluid movement within the inner ear can be improved by rebounding. Vision degeneration that is often caused by incorrect nutritional intake and lack of bodily movement can be reversed by rebounding when combined with a properly planned and consistently implemented dietary program. One’s memory will also benefit from rebounding as our brain receives increased blood flow. Wherever your body is weak, rebounding will strengthen that area and help bring you into greater physical balance.

My entire family rebounds daily. My four children have benefited from rebounding with results of overall improved health and memory, and greater physical agility. My wife, who has been battling some serious health issues, has experienced strong lymphatic cleansing while rebounding and now rebounds several times each day as part of her doctor’s approved therapy.

Look for a rebounder that is 40 inches in diameter and stands 10 inches tall with a Permatron mat (one that does not stretch like vinyl), and 36 high-resilience and soft-bounce springs in order to achieve optimal injury-free rebounding. Purchasing a high quality rebounder can make all the difference in both the enjoyment of your new exercise program and the resultant health benefits.

Some of the information contained in this article is from the book, The New Miracles of REBOUND EXERCISE by Albert E. Carter.

Note: I have cared for many elderly people, including my own parents. For many of them, I only wish I could have gotten to them with a ReboundAIR prior to the drugs, then the wheelchair, then Hospice.

My own father used our ReboundAIR with a stabilizer bar twice a day, allowing him to avoid walkers and wheelchairs even though he spent countless hours in front of a computer finalizing his last book.

Many people rave about the Lymphatic stimulation and improved balance and coordination they have gotten from rebounding. The biggest comments we have heard are: “Fun way to get fit!” and “Low level of stress to the joints.” 33 fascinating ways the body benefits from Rebound Exercise, detailed below:

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33 fascinating ways the body benefits from Rebound Exercise, detailed below:

  1. Rebounding provides an increased G-force (gravitational load), which benefits the body by strengthening the musculoskeletal systems.
  1. Rebounding protects the joints from the chronic fatigue and impact delivered by exercising on hard surfaces.
  1. Rebounding helps manage body composition and improves muscle-to-fat ratio. Rebound Exercise benefits you by giving you more control over these.
  1. Rebounding benefits lymphatic circulation by stimulating the millions of one-way valves in the lymphatic system. This benefits the body’s immune capacity for fighting current disease, destroying cancer cells, eliminating antigens and preventing future illness.
  1. Rebounding circulates more oxygen to the tissues.
  1. Rebounding establishes a better equilibrium between the oxygen required by the tissues and the oxygen made available.
  1. Rebounding increases capacity for respiration.
  1. Rebounding tends to reduce the height to which the arterial pressures rise during exertion.
  1. Rebounding lessens the time during which blood pressure remains abnormal after severe activity.
  1. Rebounding assists in the rehabilitation of existing heart problems. Rebound Exercise also benefits recovery from heart procedures, providing gentle, low impact circulation.
  1. Rebounding increases the functional activity of the red bone marrow in the production of red blood cells.
  1. Rebounding gradually improves resting metabolic rate so that more calories are burned for hours after exercise. Related, Rebound Exercise benefits the post-exercise “Glycogen Replenishment” process.
  1. Rebounding causes core muscles and large muscle groups to contract, resulting in the rhythmic compression of the veins and arteries, which more effectively moves fluids, both blood and lymphatic, through the body and back to the heart, lowering peripheral blood pressure and lightening the heart’s load.
  1. Rebounding decreases the volume of blood pooling in the veins of the cardiovascular system preventing chronic edema.
  1. Rebounding encourages collateral circulation by increasing the capillary count in the muscles and decreasing the distance between the capillaries and the target cells.
  1. Rebounding strengthens the heart and other muscles in the body so that they work more efficiently.
  1. Rebounding gradually allows the resting heart to beat less often. Regular Rebound Exercise has been shown to benefit the heart rate, resulting in favorable decreases in resting heart rate.
  1. Rebounding lowers circulating cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  1. Rebounding lowers low-density lipoprotein (bad) in the blood and increases high-density lipoprotein (good) holding off the incidence of coronary artery disease.
  1. Rebounding promotes tissue repair.
  1. Rebounding for longer than 20 minutes at a moderate intensity at least 3x per week increases the mitochondria count within the muscle cells, benefiting in total endurance. Perhaps you will easily skip those naps.
  1. Rebounding benefits the alkaline reserve of the body, which may be of significance in an emergency requiring prolonged effort.
  1. Rebounding improves coordination between the proprioceptors in the joints, the transmission of nerve impulses to and from the brain, transmission of nerve impulses and responsiveness of the muscle fibers.
  1. Rebounding improves the brain’s responsiveness to the vestibular apparatus within the inner ear, thus improving balance.
  1. Rebounding offers relief from neck and back pains, headaches, and other pain caused by lack of exercise. Rebound Exercise has been shown to benefit body alignment and posture.
  1. Rebounding enhances digestion and elimination processes.
  1. Rebounding allows for deeper and easier relaxation and sleep.
  1. Rebounding results in better mental performance, with keener learning processes.
  1. Rebounding curtails fatigue and menstrual discomfort for women.
  1. Rebounding minimizes the number of colds, allergies, digestive disturbances, and abdominal problems.
  1. Rebounding tends to slow down atrophy in the aging process.
  1. Rebounding is an effective modality by which the user gains a sense of control and an improved self-image.
  1. Rebounding is enjoyable! is a distributor of Al Carter’s ReboundAIR rebounders. More information can be found at

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