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Spring 2021 Humbleweed.net Update

Spring 2021 Humbleweed.net Update Spring 2021 is here and it can only get better after 2020 – at least this is my optimistic prediction. Following are most all of the announcements I have postponed sending out to you for various reasons. My last blog was posted on May 20, 2019 and since then I moved […]

Cancer as a Metabolic Disorder

Any form of cancer is a serious diagnosis. But how did you arrive at the initial diagnosis? Many of the current allopathic diagnostic tools used today actually add to the problem of years of negative thinking, life style choices and the resulting toxic body burden coupled with severe nutritional deficiencies. For instance, traditional biopsies use […]

Essiac and Cancer

To all our Humbleweed.net customers and their friends who can also benefit from this information! This is my first “blog” ever so I really appreciate your patience with me. Many of you have called or emailed me with additional questions and the majority of these questions pertained to a cancer diagnosis and whether they should […]