Ingri Cassel’s timeline of credentials and experience:

*1982: Bachelor’s degree in the liberal arts, with a major emphasis in humanistic psychology and a minor emphasis in religious studies, from the University of Redlands, California.

*1983: Certified as a Clinical Herbalist, School of Natural Healing, Springdale, Utah.

*1986: Certified as a Nutritional Consultant, the American Association of Nutritional Consultants, Las Vegas, Nevada.

*1988 – 1993: Leche League Leader, Moses Lake, Washington.

*1992: Lactation Specialist, Evergreen Hospital Medical Center in Kirkland, Washington.

*1982 – 1984: Manager with Nature’s Sunshine Products. Conducted meetings teaching people about herbal remedies and nutrition.

*1984: Herbal and Nutritional Consultant, Cedarwood Chiropractic Clinic, Norfolk, Virginia.

*1983 – 1997: “Optimal Health Through Herbs” , an 11-week class Ingri developed and taught to interested students everywhere she lived. Ingri’s main teachers continue to be – Dr. John R. Christopher, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Norman Walker, Dr. Richard Schulze, Andreas Moritz and Yeshua, the Christ.

*1986 – 1993: Humbleweed, a business dedicated to selling herbal formula for helping clients get well.

*1988 – 1990: Manager of Amber Waves, a new health food store in Moses Lake, Washington.

*1998: Starts the first chapter of Vaccination Liberation in Idaho, hosting monthly educational meetings in Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint, Idaho. Vaccination Liberation soon expands to include 20 chapters nationwide. She formulates a series of support group meetings and publishes a quarterly newsletter for members. Director of Vaccination Liberation, Walene James is the Founder.

*1999: Ingri marries Don Harkins, editor of The Idaho Observer, a monthly newspaper. She starts a column entitled “Back to Basics” which ran in the paper until April 2010, the last month the paper was in print. Editor of Smallpox Alert! (2003) – 75,000 distributed nationwide to stop the planned inoculation of the entire American population.

*2005 – 2007: co-host of “The American Activist” aired on The Amercian Voice and Republic Broadcasting Network.

*2011: Edits manuscript and writes the foreward to the final book by Walene James, founder of Vaccination Liberation – The Vaccine Religion: Mass Mind & the Struggle for Human Freedom.

*2014 – 2016: co-host of “in Defense of Humanity” on Republic Broadcasting Network.

*2016: Essiac Circle of Friends, member. The Circle is dedicated to producing the highest quality “Essiac Tea” available and formulated according to Rene Caisse’s specifications.