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–Specials are good through the entire month of January 2022–

At the beginning of each year, we vow to be more serious about a health program and often make a list of goals we hope to accomplish before the end of another year. Now that we have witnessed many deaths of family and friends in hospitals due to inappropriate treatment of their condition, AND we have also witnessed many hospitals refusing to administer such safe and effective drugs as Hydroxychloroquin (HCQ) or Ivermectin. This is happening while the National Institutes of Health acknowledges Ivermectin as a viable drug for the treatment of Covid-19 and India has abandoned Covid vaccines in favor of wide-spread use of Iverectin. It appears that we are on our own when it comes to taking care of our health.

Everyone I know personally who has been faithful in taking three products available at are remaining healthy and haven’t succumbed to the latest version of the cold/flu season bug. Those three products are Essiac Tea, Pure Organic Sulfur (99.9% pure MethylSulphonylMethane) and Oil of Wild Oregano.

SPECIAL – Buy a 2 oz packet of Essiac Tea (Original Formula or Extra-Strength) PLUS a 16 oz. Pouch of Pure Organic Sulfur and take 10% off your order at checkout by using discount code 10SALE

SPECIAL – Buy a 16 oz. Pouch of Essiac Tea (Original Formula or Extra-Strength) PLUS a 16 oz. Pouch of Pure Organic Sulfur PLUS FREE shipping and take 10% off your order at checkout by using discount code HEAL2022

Essiac Tea provides the body with the necessary herb-sourced minerals and nutrients to gently purge your cells of accumulated waste. Both Burdock Root and the entire Sheep Sorrel plant are powerful blood purifiers with sheep sorrel having the added benefit of being a vermifuge, according to Jethro Kloss in his book, Back to Eden. The mucilagenous herb Slippery Elm is demulcent meaning that it sooths inflamed, mucus membranes and has been successful in the treament of ulcers. It is soothing to the stomach, irritated bowels and the urinary tract. It is often used for sore throats with slippery elm lozenges available at many healthfood stores. Turkey Rhubarb root is the last ingredient and is only 5% of the entire formula since it is a very strong emetic. You can read more about the individual herbs in this venerated formula here .

Pure” Sulfur or MSM (MethylSulphonylMethane) is one of the key nutrients that has been literally farmed out of our soil. Once you experience the increased energy from taking sulfur daily due to the intake of oxtgen into our cells, you will want to make this a part of your daily routine. Sulfur is known to aid in the body’s ability to get rid of accumlated toxins from herbicides, pesticides, and drugs such as antibiotics and other prescription drugs. We have noticed that by taking sulfur daily with the Essiac Tea protocol, people recover much quicker from cancer and other maladies.

Oil of Wild Oregano is the third item that everyone needs to utilize. I was just listening to an interview of a woman who was at a large event and literally never gets sick but found herself very ill with literally no energy at all. She started taking Oil of Wild Oregano – several drops in a cup of hot water several times a day. It literally helped her make a full recovery. Just today, my sister who had neglected taking sulfur, iodine and Essiac Tea for at least a month started getting a sore throat. She immediately took some oil of wild oregano and voila! No more sore throat in the morning. But now that she knows she is on the verge of an acute ailment, she is alkalinzing her body by making up Essiac Tea and getting back on sulfur and iodine daily. Read more about oil of wild oregano here. You can also read the incredible testimonials of real people who use the brand is selling.

The Wireless Connection

For those who do not recover as quickly, or they are simply not getting better as they should be, look to the location of celltowers near your home. Is your home wireless? Do you have a smart meter on your home? This evening I got a call from a customer who is helping her father in Somalia recover from prostate cancer. He should be getting better so I asked about his microwave radiation exposure and the location of the closest tower. Apparently the celltower is quite close to his apartment. Please remember that we must get deep sleep for our cells to repair since this happens at nighttime while we sleep. Repair of the body simply cannot occur when the body is being blasted 24/7 with microwave radiation, a carcinogen.

Since I moved from the country to the city in March 2020, I have had to deal with mitigating the MWR exposure in my bedroom from my neighbors wireless connection that is on 24/7. I finally sewed a cheap emergency blanket onto the outside of my quilt where I sleep. It has made a huge difference and my EMF meter showed me that this works for an inexpensive remedy. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt is world renown as a cancer specialist. He will not work with anyone who has a cellphone and will not shield their bedroom. You can hear Dr. Klinghardt address this issue here – very short testimony of Brian Hoyer’s expertise.

Last but not least, I have great guests every Saturday night on my radio show, Immunize Wizely. Last Saturday I had the honor of having Brad Morehouse, the developer of MyNutra and Hemp Paste, and Shela Spencer, the hemp paste marketing director. Both Sheila and Brad have so much knowledge as to why their hemp paste is so helpful for inflammation and nervous system disorders such as insomnia, seizures, Alzhemier’s, Parkinson’s, etc. You can listen to the archive of the show here (1st hour)

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While I was typing this notice to you, I received yet another phone call notifying me of the passing of a mutual friend in the hospital. At this point you should know that our country is in the thick of an unprecedented genocide caused by the experimental Covid-19 injections. Please listen to this excerpt of Del Bigtree’s The Highwire – Follow the Money w/ AJ DePriest from Tennessee Liberty Network. It starts out with the life insurance industry writing on January 4, 2022 that there has been a 40% increase in deaths among 18-64 year olds. This is the heart of our country – the workers that make this country operate. This is one of the most eye-opening interviews I have listened to this month (33 min.) Please pray for our country, that it survives and thrives in spite of the numbers who have taken this human genome altering injection.

And if you are able to, get active opposing all tyranny you see in your state. Don’t forget to shine your light and stand strong. I will end with this poem I received recently:

The more they lock down

The more my heart opens

The more they say “You cannot”

The more I say “I Am and I will”

The more fear they bring

The more I will trust

The more they say “trust us”

The more I will trust on my intuition and the divine

The darker they try to make it

The brighter my light shines

The more they try to divide

The more I will stay connected

The more rules they impose

The more sovereign I will be

The more they try to tame me

The wilder I get

The more they threaten

The fiercer my roar

The more they say “bow to me”

The stronger I stand.

I bow *only* to love.

I am a free bird 🕊

~Dankjewel Rosanna Devi

Remember what America stands for – liberty from oppression.

It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” ~Samuel Adams,

Yours in the Spirit of Health and Freedom,