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Taking Care of Your Liver

Your liver is THE MOST IMPORTANT ORGAN in our body next to the brain and nervous system. We hear regularly that our gut health is synonymous with having a healthy immune system. But what if all your digestive issues – gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, etc. – is also a sign of a congested liver?  According to the leading health expert on this issue, Andreas Moritz, author of the book, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush, even parasites and other issues stemming from chronic constipation clear up on their own after the liver and gallbladder are free of stones that have formed in these organs.

At the top of my article on the liver, I have this to say:

“It is imperative now more than ever for us to make sure our liver is in good functioning order. If people truly understood the vital bodily functions their liver performs, they would also understand that a constipated liver that continues on unchecked for several years will lead to immune system disorders, neurological diseases, chronic fatigue, cancers, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, sexual dysfunction, eyesight problems, diabetes, and every digestive disorder from constipation to indigestion.”

While I am tempted to quote from Andreas Moritz’s book extensively, let me just say that you need to purchase this book and keep it in your library after reading and re-reading it. It is so valuable that it is not easy to find an inexpensive used copy of the sixth edition (October 2012.) Moritz was continually updating and upgrading his book. When you read this book, you will understand more clearly why it is so important to do a liver cleanse, especially if you have been diagnosed with ANY of the diseases I mentioned above. And if you have ever eaten dairy products or meat, taken ANY pharmaceutical drugs, have a tendency to snack, have eaten fast food, etc. let me assure you that you will benefit from this cleanse. But doing it only once a year is not what needs to happen. You need to commit to doing it monthly until NO stones come out, and then, ONLY then, should you do the liver flush twice a year for maintenance.

When I told a friend who had his gallbladder removed several years ago that he, especially, needed to do a liver cleanse since now he has stones that are accumulating and continually forming in his liver, he then told me that on his rightside, on his back at the location of his liver, he could feel what could be stones poking out there so that when one massaged the area, you could feel them. Wow! I lent him an older version of The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush and, since he is much older than his wife, I told him he owes it to her to follow the protocol in the book for a liver flush that is designed for those who no longer have a gallbladder. Hopefully, he will follow through since he did the preparation and was all ready to flush but couldn’t find the epsom salts so he found some magnesium citrate. Claimed that nothing happened so I need to ‘bug him’ to follow through with the liver flush! I should mention that a month prior to his first attempt, he had a bout of intense constipation that forced him to see a colon therapist.

I did the liver flush about five times last year and started in again in March. I just finished my fifth cleanse for the year and will keep going until I get no more stones out. In April, about 20 hours after drinking the olive oil/grapefruit juice mixture, I had the oddest “bowel movement” – a string of cream-colored calcified stones that were about two feet long! Then the next day I had a two shorter ‘strands’ of stones in the toilet bowl – wow! Was I ever encouraged to keep going with these cleanses. In June, a little over 4 hours after drinking the concoction (about 2:40 AM) I had an evacuation that produced 2 large light greenish round balls the diameter of a quarter. Another wow for me. This month (July) I had several small and medium-sized dark green stones come out.

There are several versions of this cleanse but I have found Andreas Moritz’s method the most complete and the one I have had the most encouragement and success doing. For one, he stresses the importance of each step and why to eat a vegan diet for the six days leading to the liver flush. I have found that when I stick to his protocol of a vegan diet, my cleanse in general is more productive. To make this easier to do, I have included a section on the top of our homepage —recipes – that I make for this cleanse that are both healthy and tasty. The protocol is to drink a quart of apple juice each day for six days prior to the flush but I have found that the sweetness of drinking an entire quart of apple juice daily was difficult so I have used much less and substitute some of the apple juice with sour cherry juice. Moritz claims that 8 oz. of unsweetened cranberry or sour cherry juice is equal to one quart of apple juice in softening the stones in your gallbladder (or liver).

There were several great short YouTube videos of people coaching others through a liver flush but these videos have been removed from that platform. If this is your first time doing a liver cleanse we recommend drinking the Epsom salts in water mixture and the grapefruit/olive oil mixture through a straw.  I also have a colema board and bucket that I consider essential to have if you are going to do this process for the rest of your life, like I will be doing. But for the first few times, you can get by with an enema bag from your local drug store or visit a colon therapist prior to the 6th day of the liver flush.

.Several times I found myself nauseous about 4-5 hours after taking the grapefruit juice/olive oil mixture so I have decided to incorporate Ann Wigmore’s tea between and after drinking the Epsom salts. I haven’t had an issue since I have been doing this.

Here is the recipe for the tea

4 slices of ginger root (fresh and minced)
1 t fenugreek seeds
1 t fennel seed
1 t peppermint
1 tsp. flaxseed

Bring a quart of water with the ginger in it to a boil and simmer for 3 min. Add other ingredients and take off the burner.  I have not been doing the flaxseed since I forgot this was the fifth ingredient and was trying to go by memory.  Ann Wignmore recommends using 3/4 of a quart of water — way too strong IMHO. Last time I made it I used closer to 3 pints of water, added a bit more mint and drank some in the morning, too. I use any mint I have around here – several varieties in my yard/garden. Lemon Balm is nice since it also helps your nervous system relax, inducing a restful sleep.

The other tip is to make sure you lie flat on your back with your head slightly elevated by an extra pillow.  About 2-3 hours later, I prefer to sleep on my side so I try to make sure I sleep on my rightside since it tends to direct the olive oil/grapefruit juice concoction to the liver area which is on your right side under your rib cage.

I also recommend using a castor oil pack over the liver area prior to and after drinking the grapefruit juice/olive oil concoction.  There are many demos online. There are a couple variations such as I apply the oil directly on my liver area and then slap on the wool cloth. I also use a hot water bottle. This particular demo is about 4 min.


What are the most common causes of your body forming gallstones?

Overeating, snacking or eating between meals, eating heavy meals in the evening, and over-eating protein, particularly eggs, pork, fried foods (including sauteed onions), pasteurized milk, ice cream, coffee and chocolate.

There is so much I can say about the importance of this but to encourage you further to start this process, here is what one lady told me recently about doing the liver flush:

“I did it! I did your liver gall bladder cleanse. It was not hard at all. I feel lighter and in a better mood already and I got to see the toxic pebbles. Even showed one to my family. Can’t believe that stuff comes out of us.”

The following is quoted from pp. 32-33 in  The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush (2012 – 6th Edition):

If you suffer any of the following symptoms, or similar conditions, you most likely have numerous gallstones in your liver and gallbladder:

Low appetite
Food cravings
Frequent vomiting
Pain in upper abdomen
Shakes and chills
Clay-colored stool
Dull pain on the right side
Difficulty breathing
Liver cirrhosis
Hepatitis (A, B, or C)
Most infections
High cholesterol
Heart diseases
Brain disorders
Duodenal ulcers
A ‘bilious’ or angry personality 
Other sexual problems
Prostate diseases
Urinary problems
Hormonal imbalances
Menstrual and menopausal disorders
Problems with vision
Puffy eyes
Any skin disorder
Liver spots, especially those on the back of the hands and facial area
Dizziness and fainting spells
Loss of muscle tone
Excessive weight OR wasting
Strong shoulder and back pain
Pain at the top of the shoulder blade and/or in between the shoulder blades
Dark color under the eyes
Morbid complexion
Tongue that is glossy or coated in white or yellow
Frozen shoulder
Stiff neck
Headaches and migraines
Tooth and gum problems
Yellowness of the eyes and skin
Numbness and paralysis of the legs
Joint diseases
Knee problems
Chronic fatigue
Kidney diseases
Multiple Sclerosis and fibromyalgia
Alzheimer’s disease
Cold extremities
Excessive heat and perspiration in the upper part of the body
Very greasy hair and hair loss
Cuts and wounds that keep bleeding and do not heal
Difficulty sleeping, insomnia
Stiffness of joints and muscles
Hot and cold flashes
Multiple chemical sensitivities

Just based on the above list of maladies connected to an accumulation of stones in your gallbladder (or liver if your gallbladder was removed), you now know how important it is to take care of your liver by doing a liver flush monthly AFTER your colon has been cleaned out.

Spiritual and emotional significance of cancer and the liver

Different areas of the body connect to certain emotional states. The liver has long been known as the seat of anger. And while there are multiple causes of cancer, the underlying theme from a spiritual perspective is a lack of forgiveness and suppressed anger. The location of the cancer is also key. My friend who lost her first child soon after his four-month “well-baby” checkup when he was administered a slew of vaccines, and in spite of being warned to not get the baby vaccinated, went all out to alert the news stations, newspapers, everyone at her workplace, etc. She used her justified anger to alert other moms as a result of her loss. What she found out was, in our inland Northwest area of the country, there were a dozen male babies who died soon after their four-month “well-baby” check up and after the pediatrician’s office administered a slew of vaccines.

 The reason I am bringing this up is that her husband developed throat cancer. He was always a go along, get along type of guy and would tell his wife that you can’t do anything about it. But he never spoke up – she did.  Think about it. Throat cancer and your voice. Her husband did not use his voice when his wife did. In the process, he refused to listen to his wife’s advice and, instead, followed what the doctor’s told him to do and he died after being tortured by their “treatments” and recommendations.

By that time, they had a beautiful baby girl who looked just like her Dad and was never given any vaccines. The girl is now nine years old and is a constant reminder for her mom of what really happened. I know since I am her Godmother.

My own story is a bit similar but has to do with the liver and gallbladder in particular. My first marriage was in trouble from the start. After our daughter was three years old I began to do a series of liver cleanses when I didn’t even have the benefit of Andreas Moritz’s brilliant book on the topic. I found myself doing them back to back since I still had a dull pain under my rib cage on the righthand side which I knew was my gallbladder. After three of these, the pain persisted. At that point I realized that I had some deep resentment towards my husband from the past and needed to forgive him in a real way and move on. I made forgiveness rather than liver flushes my priority and the pain ceased.

By the way, a couple years later, my husband went into the hospital and had his gallbladder removed. At the time, it was a bit embarrassing for me since I was teaching an 11-week herbal class and had helped three people in our community save their gallbladders from being surgically removed.

Edgar Cayce stated, “The mind is the builder and the physical is the result.” Keeping this in ‘mind’, it is vital to assess the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of any illness. Are you holding bitterness towards a family member or ex-spouse? Please remember that the life you are living today in a physical body is for learning lessons of the spirit. Holding grudges only harms you.

Under books to own on the resource page on the last three books are actually some of the most important books I have read. You can find them used or in your library.

What is new on

CBD oil has been added to the list of products we offer since it has helped MANY people recover from a wide range of ailments. I personally know of several people who have used CBD oil along with Essiac Tea to successfully recover from a cancer diagnosis. This particular brand, Hempworx, is organically grown in Kentucky and uses the entire plant to get all 120+ cannabinoids into their CBD oil. You can read about it here

We created a new tab at the top of the page – Essiac Tea. I wrote a couple more articles so decided to create a separate category just for Essiac Tea. Specifically, I wanted people to know of known precautions prior to buying and drinking our brand of Essiac Tea. So there is now a new article up on just that – Essiac Tea Precautions. A few weeks later, I was thankful to hear that a more comprehensive article was posted on this topic at the website.

We now have a Testimonial page. And while I do not solicit testimonials from our Essiac Tea customers, if you have an encouraging story to share, it is very much appreciated. We will not publish your name – just initials and state for authenticity.

These testimonials are very important for those who have just been diagnosed with cancer. Doctors can scare you into doing a treatment you intuit may be harmful so they bully and scare you into doing it by telling you that if you do NOT do their recommendation, you WILL die. What most people do not know is that they get kick backs from the pharmaceutical manufacturer for the chemotherapy they get you to submit to. If this happens, make sure to get the manufacturer and brand name then search on  for all the details about this version of chemotherapy. If you do this, looking at all precautions and known side effects, you will be more encouraged by the testimonials of people who have beat cancer without chemotherapy/radiation.

One lady who purchased Essiac Tea from us for her mother, who was diagnosed with cancer, started a website to give people diagnosed with cancer the encouragement and hope they need to beat it. DeeDee is a deeply spiritual lady with amazing faith, trust and hope. She understands that all our life challenges are truly opportunities for spiritual growth. And with cancer diagnoses now being 1 in 2 people, she took the opportunity to create what she saw was lacking – a website offering positive stories from cancer survivors. And believe me, they are everywhere, which she soon discovered. Since she launched her website she has found herself meeting people regularly who have recovered from cancer naturally. Some went the allopathic route at first until they were close to dead prior to changing course. But all are living proof years later that cancer is not a death sentence, but an opportunity that taught them many valuable lessons about themselves, usually awakening them to their own unique spiritual quest.

You can sign up for her newsletter that offers her latest story of hope by going to her website directly and signing up!

If you have a story of hope or know someone who has such a survivor story, please contact DeeDee by email at:

The best is for last!

 I had a call from our former VacLib co-director who wanted to know if I could help a woman in Florida whose daughter is pregnant, is Rh negative and wanted to avoid Rhogam shots since she believes it was the Rhogam shots that may have contributed to her son’s autism spectrum disorder (ASD). I brought up the fact that the Rh factor can be reversed and this was a surprise to him so I sent him Dr. John R. Christopher’s newsletter on this topic. Our webmaster with Vaccination Liberation (VacLib) heard of this incident since I had attached the newsletter and generally cc him on all correspondence that is VacLib related. As a result, he found this amazing resource – ALL of Dr. Christopher’s newsletters, books, articles, and even his unpublished works on the worldwide web for FREE!

Anyone who knows me, also know that this one man is my absolute HERO of all times. All my foundational herbal knowledge comes from his teachings. I also own all his books, audiotapes and newsletters but certainly never had access to his unpublished works. What a find! I have added the link on the resource page.

FINAL words – It is best to do the liver flush on the waning of the moon. I will be doing my sixth liver flush for 2018  August 4 – 9.  The new moon happens to be on August 11th but I am doing it a few days early since I will turn 60 on August 11th      

With that said, I am praying that several of you reading this join me – not for my birthday but for the liver flush! LOL!

Colon Health

Your Colon: Maintenance of your body’s main detoxification organ

This particular blog will focus on the foundational stuff underpinning any true naturopathic-oriented recovery program. As we find out more about the toxins in our environment – water, air and food (aside from all the problems with drugs, vaccines and medical diagnostic equipment), we need to be vigilant about making sure our main detoxification organs can do the job when under this much pressure. Our bodies are miraculously designed, always attempting to keep us in perfect health. However, if we do not understand how our bodies work and how we can assist our bodies in the process of keeping us healthy, we will fall into various stages of ill health.

The two most important organs to maintain in good working shape are your colon and liver. Since this information is not common knowledge, I have posted a couple articles at to address the importance of both colon cleansing and liver flushing. I should mention that there are several doctors who promote colon cleansing products that I do not recommend. The main reason is that they usually contain senna which is a laxative that ‘works’ by irritating the lining of the large intestines. If taken on a regular basis, you can actually become dependent on it in order to have a normal bowel movement.

My father got hooked on a product Shaklee made called Herb-Lax that contained senna leaf. Years later, when my parents ended up moving in with me for end of life care, I tried to wean him off the half a tablet he took every night in order to have a bowel movement in the morning. This wasn’t easy and I am still kicking myself for not starting a bowel movement chart soon enough, realizing a bit later how important it was that I monitor ALL his bowel movements. One thing I did do (as soon as he was under my roof) was to take him for a series of colonics from a wonderful colon therapist who moved to our area. But I digress – the point is that while my father was in excellent health by medical standards, his colon didn’t work as it should without some prodding.

But I most certainly do use a particular product that was recommended to me over 35 years ago by my herbal teachers with Dr. John R. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing.  And that product is called Perfect 7. It was developed by a reformed, born-again Christian medical doctor: Dr. Robert Stanley. It has been many years since I was introduced to Perfect 7 –and sold it. Today, Dr. Stanley’s company Agape Health Products is no longer. It was sold to a company in Utah that, thankfully, continues to manufacture Perfect 7 according to Dr. Stanley’s specifications but is now called Intestinal Clenz. The ingredients in Intestinal Clenz are psyllium seed and husk, bentonite (colloidal montmorilonite), Lactobacillus Acidophilus and seven specific herbs, including cascara sagrada. So, yes, it includes a laxative, cascara sagrada. According to my herbal teacher and my personal experience, cascara sagrada is not the irritant that senna is and works instead by stimulating the peristaltic muscles lining the large intestines. Most people who use this product for a colon cleansing program are impressed by how effective it is.

To understand how important it is to take care of your colon, consider these medical facts as Dr. Richard Schultze memorialized them in his March 2002 newsletter (and this is now 2018!):

  1. Nobody has a textbook-looking “perfect” colon
  2. Every American adult has some form of colon disease or degeneration
  3. Colon Cancer kills 400% more people than AIDS…even more than breast cancer and prostate cancer.

You can read the article I wrote summarizing his newsletter here.

Over the years I have collected handouts of interest in various files, with an emphasis on health-related topics. One such handout came to me before the days of computers and is entitled “Death Begins in the Colon”.  This particular front and back handout involves an “Important Discussion of Alimentary Toxemia Before the Royal Society of Medicine in Great Britain”. According to the handout, this discussion was among 57 of the leading physicians in Great Britain at the time. These included eminent surgeons, physicians and various other medical specialists. Their conclusion:

“…it is no longer possible to ignore the importance of alimentary toxemia or autointoxication as a fact in the production of disease. To no other single cause is it possible to attribute one-tenth as many various and widely diverse disorders. It may be said that almost every chronic disease known is directly or indirectly due to the influence of bacterial poisons absorbed from the intestines. The colon may be justly looked upon as a veritable Pandora’s box, out of which come more human misery and suffering, mental and moral, as well as physical than from any other known source.

“The colon is a sewage system, but by neglect and abuse, it becomes a cesspool. When it is clean and normal we are well and happy; let it stagnate, and it will distill the poisons of decay, fermentation and putrefaction into the blood, poisoning the brain and nervous system so that we become mentally depressed and irritable; it will poison the heart so that we are weak and listless; poisons the lungs so that the breath is foul; poisons the digestive organs so that we are distressed and bloated; and poisons the blood so that the skin is sallow and unhealthy. In short, every organ of the body is poisoned, and we age prematurely, look and feel old, the joints are stiff and painful, neuritis, dull eyes and a sluggish brain overtake us; the pleasure of living is gone.

“The preceding information should impress you with the vital importance of bowel regularity to you and every member of your family.”

To access the full document, I have added it to the bottom of the article “Colon Cleansing and Fasting”.

Two incidents happened this year that prompted two additional articles under the heading About the Colon. The first incident involved a friend of a friend who began to have all the symptoms of appendicitis. Soon I got a call from my sister and our mutual friend Susan. They had gone over to the lady’s house and Susan was smart enough to bring over her colema board and bucket. After several sessions irrigating her bowels, the lady felt much better. About the time that I got the call from my sister and Susan, her neighbors (husband and wife) who were in the medical field and worked at a local hospital came onto the scene. As they were talking with the lady, they were also doing all they could to convince her to go to the hospital. Apparently the scare tactics were incredible so she succumbed to the pressure and went off to the hospital with her neighbors, telling my sister and Susan that she was not going to let them remove her appendix but just wanted to get checked out. I guess what bothered me the most was that the lady left without Susan who would have been the perfect Patient Advocate.

So, yes, when she returned from the hospital, she had lost another body part – her appendix. Please read “The Appendix: Its Function and Necessity” to understand the importance of the appendix.

The second incident involved the 12-year-old daughter of my own daughter’s boyfriend. My daughter lives in the neighboring state 7 hours away from me so we don’t see each other a lot and try to talk on the phone about once a month. This past weekend she called me in a health emergency panic. Whatever it was, it was not something she wanted to leave me a message about and we had been on the other side of the county with our own non-health crisis emergency! So when we finally connected, she asked me what to do about a serious case of pinworms. Everyone in the house was freaked out as though the condition was very contagious. And she had called me since her boyfriend wanted to get some toxic pharmaceutical product to take care of the issue. Actually, I do not know what ended up happening but I sent her a care package on Monday after she relayed to me that she found in her cupboard some parasite capsules that Don (my deceased husband) had made up. I encouraged her to use them up and I would send her more. All this happened on April 29 on a full moon, the time that parasites seem to go crazy, and like to make their presence known. So while most people reading this will likely think, “I couldn’t possibly have parasites!” – it is likely that you actually DO have parasites. Please read this article “You Are What Your Parasites Eat”.

Are Medical Doctors a reliable source for health information?

Most people want to think that their medical doctor of choice has the knowledge and skills necessary to keep them healthy. This sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth. Medical schools are funded in large part by the pharmaceutical industry which thrives on selling drugs to mask the symptoms of various diseases. Students in medical school are literally programmed to think a certain way, and have been subjected to an insane amount of sleep deprivation and memorization to be regurgitated on tests. How many people even realize that today’s medical doctors take one class in the basics of nutrition and learn absolutely nothing about vaccines except for the brainwashing mantra that vaccines wiped out smallpox and polio, and are essential injections for the continued prevention of infectious diseases?

In 2017, two people close to me asked if I thought those working in the medical professions today ‘simply didn’t know’ the degree of harm and outright murder many of them are committing in the course of just ‘doing their job’. I told both of my friends that they absolutely ‘do know’ but block it out, have cognitive dissonance, and/or truly do not want to know since the ramifications of admitting to themselves they have been participating in such an evil system –and are even indebted for their indoctrination (training) to participate in this system– is more than a person of conscience can bear. Then I loaned them a ‘tell all’ book which is the author’s autobiography: Rising From the Dead by Suzanne Humphries, M.D.  The book is a page-turner and both of my friends were very thankful to have this new understanding of what it is actually like to go through medical school, graduate, continue another four years to specialize, graduate again, start a practice and do all in your power to pay off over $1 million in debt to obtain your chosen profession. If you would like to read this book, consider asking your library to carry it. Hint: Libraries will be more likely to order a book if they have more than one request for it.


Every now and then I share with our customers a product we use that others have also found helpful, particularly with cancer or other serious health issue. One of them I am in the process of adding to the website. It is the highest quality CBD oil that we have found – 100% organically grown in Kentucky and they use the entire hemp plant to extract their CBD oil. Here is my link if you are interested in finding out more about this product –

The other product is SOUL from Rain International. This particular product has helped numerous children from around the world recover from extremely serious vaccine injuries and those injuries caused by drug interactions. This miraculous product is formulated from the most nutrient dense seeds found and then the seeds are crushed and zapped into a lined foil pouch. In this way, the Essential Fatty Acids in the seeds do not oxidize. It is due to the integrity of these nutrient-dense essential oils that the damaged myelin sheath around the nerves are repaired, leading to recovery. You can learn more about this product here      ID# 146695

Last year, G. Edward Griffin had a fairly debilitating bout with shingles and was able to recover fully with the help of SOUL. His testimony is here


You must turn your WiFi router OFF at night when your body is trying to heal. You simply cannot expect to recover when you are bombarding your body with microwave radiation 24/7. If you haven’t done so, consider reading the information at

Life is an adventure so decide today: There is no reason to entertain negative thoughts when I can focus on the beauty in my life and be thankful for all that I have been blessed with.

Be well!

In the Spirit of Health,