Pure Organic Sulfur literally saved my life!

I contacted Ingri Cassel recently because I’ve been so ill for so long with what is often called “walking pneumonia”. Her knowledge about health issues has always been valuable to me, so I told her I felt like I was going down for the last time, and did she have a life ring? Well, indeed she did!!! Because of her I’ve been nearly miraculously helped with Organic Sulfur, one of the products that she has deeply researched and makes available. I had no idea that it is actually an active form of MSM.

Anyway, its effects have been nearly miraculous for me, and that’s not an exaggeration. Last year I tried a highly recommended and expensive liquid form of MSM that proved useless…so I finally ended up throwing it out. Not so with this divine crystallized form of sulfur. It helped IMMEDIATELY. My energy level improved, cognitive functions resumed and I even had my first (in a very long time) lucid dream…which told me that my pineal gland was active once again.

Additionally, I’ve been going to physical therapy for help with lymphodema, but the sulfur works much better. I no longer awaken in the morning as bloated and swollen. Not only that, but my fiery red facial rosacea, complete with tiny pimples which I’ve detested, is GONE! Organic Sulfur is not only detoxing me, but it is giving me elements that I’ve apparently been missing for a long time. My urine is less concentrated and strong, easier to pass and even has a pleasant sweet odor. Further, I no longer have nearly constant hunger which has plagued me for far too long, making it very difficult to keep a healthy weight.

I don’t know if others experience such dramatic improvements, but the above is true for me. I’m now recommending Organic Sulfur for everyone.

JM, Spokane, Washington

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