[rev_slider_vc alias=”Humbleweed”]Welcome to Humbleweed, the place to find many tools to improve and/or restore your health. The name Humbleweed was the name of my first herbal business 25+ years ago and I have decided to revive it after many years of being a full time activist. My passion has always been to help people discover that healthy living doesn’t have to be expensive since the ‘weeds’ used for both healing and food grow all around us. However, sharing with people this truth doesn’t change the fact that our lives are busier than ever, and most people revert to their former lifestyles for comfort from the stress they are feeling. I have devoted the past 20 years to being the director of Vaccination Liberation

http://www.vaclib.org/  – advocating our Mission Statement:

  1. To reveal the myth that vaccines are necessary, safe and effective
  2. To expand our awareness of alternatives in healthcare
  3. To preserve our right to abstain
  4. To repeal all compulsory vaccination laws nationwide

The reason I switched gears from Humbleweed to Vaccination Liberation was due to the immense pressure parents were feeling from family and pediatricians to inject their infants and children in spite of their maternal intuition to abstain. I have devoted my life ever since to exposing the dangers of these toxic injections and allopathic medicine in general. It is my dedication to #2 that is the impetus for this website.

Your health and well being, as our country and planet go through tremendous changes, is now my number one priority. While it may appear that Armageddon may soon be upon us, the reality is this: a mass awakening occurring with free energy, honest currencies and a world without war right around the corner. And, yes, tools to clean up the pollution and radioactivity on our planet are a part of the process.

Feeling a sense of purpose for your life and being positive about our collective futures is of vital importance to your health and well being. This website can be a tool to help you through the changes.

But what does one do in the meantime? Are there real solutions to the toxic burdens our bodies are carrying? The answer is “yes!” and this website was developed to help steer you in the right direction.

As this website develops, I will have a bi-weekly blog that will start off the New Year – 2018. If you would like to receive an uplifting message, recipes and health tips, you are invited to sign up.

This website and my blog is dedicated to freeing humanity from the medical trap. I look forward to hearing your stories as we go through the journey together.

May your path be filled with laughter, joy and continuing synchronicities!

In the Spirit of Truth,

Ingri Cassel

Copyright Humbleweed 2016